‘Arrow’: (Spoiler) didn’t make it out of season 3 finale alive; talk about it!

Warning: This story contains major spoilers from the season finale of Arrow. Read at your own risk!
Though Oliver was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice in the Arrow season finale, it wasn’t the emerald archer who paid the price.
With Ra’s al Ghul (Matt Nable…

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Form launchs a procedure without filling cells beforehand

I’ve written a procedure that should determine some values, enter them in specific cells and launch a procedure that depends on these same cells.

It worked once, but then the proc started to act like the cells were empty.

The form contains three textboxes (ratebox, amountbox, cfbox), as well as one combobox:

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()

If ratebox.value = "" Or amountbox.value = "" Or numbercfbox.value = "" Or cfbox.value = "" _
Or Not IsNumeric(ratebox.value) Or Not IsNumeric(amountbox.value) Or Not IsNumeric(cfbox.value) Or Not IsNumeric(numbercfbox.value) Then
MsgBox "valeur"
Exit Sub
End If

Cells(3, 1) = ratebox.value / 100
Cells(3, 2) = amountbox.value

For i = 1 To numbercfbox.value
Cells(3, i + 2) = cfbox.value


Unload form_e1

End Sub

The procedure starts with:

Sub e1s1()
rate = Cells(3, 1)
amount = Cells(3, 2)
numbercf = Cells(3, 3).End(xlToRight).column - 2
'MsgBox (rate & Chr(10) & amount & Chr(10) & numbercf)
ReDim cf(numbercf) As Double

I’ve tried registering the box values in variables and entering the variables in the cell before launching the procedure, doesn’t work.
I’ve put a msgbox with all the values just before launching the procedure, I can see that the values are written down in the cells when the msgbox appears, but the procedure still acts like these cells are empty: numbercf is 16382.